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Hextio Travel Case

Hextio Travel Bag

£ 58.00

Price ex. VAT

Official Radic8 design.  

  • Can be used to take the Hextio on public transport, cafes, hotels and even in the doctors
  • Clean, safe air has just become achievable in all environments
  • Must been used with 12V powerbank to be portable
  • Multiple compartments for Hextio accessories
  • Grey Bag with blue lining. Zip shut and adjustable straps
Radic 8Hextio Powerbank

Hextio Power Bank

£ 92.00

Price ex. VAT

Official Hextio battery design.  

  • 12 V powerbank
  • This portable 10400 mAh power bank keeps Hextio running for approximately 2 hours.
  • Comes with the connector cable, everything you need.

Perfect for your clean air environment.

Hextio 12V Car Adaptor

£ 8.00

Price ex. VAT

Make Hextio and clean air even more potrabale with our 12V cigeratte lighter socket adaptor.